Village 30 Ans - Physotech

The Beauty of the Dream

Collaboration, Être Magazine
June 2012 

Dean of the Village, Physotech Spa Concept can boast having been part of the emergence of the community in the Village over the last 30 years. Since 1984, Pierre Lacroix and Réal Veilleux have observed the evolution of a neighborhood that, much like a community, blossomed, gained more freedom and flourished.

Lifestyles may have been changing, but so were their services. Nevertheless, the Village, according to them, continued to gain respect: “It’s important that today’s youth who enjoy a favorable environment for homosexuals understand that many people have paved the way for them. That road was built right here in the Village.”

real-veilleux-3 en Physotech

A breakthrough technology arrives in Montreal 

Yellow Pages, May 2015
 By: David Kynan  

Réal Veilleux and Pierre Lacroix were long-time friends who’d met in school. In 1983, Réal took a sabbatical from his management position to visit the US, and happened to make a discovery that would set both men on a new path. Down south, clinics and salons were offering EMS, electro-muscle stimulation, then a revolutionary breakthrough technology for improving muscle tone without hours and hours at the gym. Back in Montreal, Réal and Pierre, who had studied esthetic care and massage therapy, began wondering if Montreal might be the perfect place to offer such a technology.