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Photorejuvenation is the latest in laser technology to remove the effects of sun damage. It provides a long-lasting improvement by effectively treating age spots and rosacea allowing patients to transform red, blotchy skin into a radiant complexion.

Unlike some medical interventions, photorejuvenation not scours the skin and requires no recovery period. So you do not have to stop your regular activities for several days. A very slight inflammation of the tissues and some redness may occur but usually fade quickly a few hours after treatment.

If you suffer from any of these problems, photorejuvenation treatment may be the approach you’ve been looking for.

Photorejuvenation Physotech

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Photorejuvenation Before-After



$125 : 1 treatment

$500 : 6 treatments

(Payable upon the first visit)

How it Works

During photorejuvenation treatment, high energy light waves are used to reduce or eliminate many common effects of aging.  With each treatment, the results become more pronounced.


Photorejuvenation can be used to treat redness caused by acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and facial veins, as well as the fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging or sun damage. In addition, if your skin has been discoloured as a result of smoking, alcohol use, or hormonal changes, photorejuvenation can smooth and refine your complexion.


Photorejuvenation is a 10-30 minute procedure that involves only minimal discomfort.  Four to six treatments spaced two weeks apart are normally required for optimal results. 


Photorejuvenation involves relatively little discomfort and no downtime.

Unlike certain medical procedures, this technique is non-ablative, meaning no skin is removed during treatment.  This contributes to the relatively easy recovery while allowing patients to return to their everyday routine immediately.

Potential side effects include very minor swelling, redness, and increased visibility of small capillaries.

These symptoms usually begin to disappear within few hours of treatment.

However, certain factors, including dark or deeply tanned skin, may make certain people ineligible for this treatment.

In consultation with our certified laser technician, you will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for photorejuvenation.

In addition, patients should avoid absolutely sun exposure for the complete duration of the treatments.

After treatment, it is strongly advised to protect your skin with sunscreen by at least FPS30. We recommend ColoreScience solar powder, without chemical agents, that involves no risk of irritating your skin further.


The first solar powder for face and neck available in three natural shades contains no chemicals but deliver high-performance UV protection. FPS30 and FPS50. Recommended by dermatologists.

$66 – $69+taxes