Waxing Hair Removal

Get rid quickly and efficiently of unwanted hairs.

We use the European Spa hair removal system with roll-on wax applicators, single use and disposable, combining speed and hygiene.

For those sensitive areas such as private parts, we prefer to use hot wax, single use and disposable also. By far, the most effective method for these special places and above all, the least painful!

Our hair removal system is a true expert treatment that begins with the application of excellent quality waxes, followed by a soothing and desensitizing emulsion.



Rasage Physotech



$15 :  Eyebrows
$25 :  Shoulders
$30 :  Arms
$35 :  Buttocks
$45 :  Back or Torso
$45+:  Manzilian*
$50 :  Legs
$125: Body


body trimming                                             shaving

$20 to $65


  • A clean, dry skin is preferable while waxing to achieve optimum results
  • In case of intense hot weather, plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your treatment to allow the skin to cool off
  • Avoid any activity that requires sustained efforts just before your appointment
  • Avoid sun exposure prior to and especially after waxing as recently treated areas are prone to hyperpigmentation
  • It is strongly advised to avoid baths, hot tubs, dry and steam saunas as well as swimming pools following a treatment to prevent irritation and infections
  • After at least a 24 hour period, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin in order to prevent rashes and ingrown hairs
  • Afterwards, moisturize your skin if needed

Physotech… The Specialist in Manscaping

Body Trimming                                                                                      & Shaving

A perfect look that no one can resist

Body-Trimming, shaving with a hair trimmer combined or not with a hand razor.

It is perfect for those wishing to preserve their “fur”, although with some control.

With the guidance from your esthetician, select the areas to be exempt from hair and those where you just want to be trimmed in order to emphasize your charms.


Épilation Tend Skin Physotech

Tend Skin Solution reduces the appearance of unsightly razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness from shaving, waxing and laser hair removal.

$26 +tx

Man…                                                                                                What are you saying?


Body Shaving, shaving with a hand razor and generally used as a finishing touch for private parts.

Body-Trimming, grooming by shaving and trimming the man’s body hair with an electric clipper equipped with several adjustable guides in order to obtain different cutting lengths.

Manzilian, it’s the male version of a “brazilian” wax treatment  that consists of removing mostly all, or all of the hair from the crotch area

Manscaping, contraction of the words “man” and “landscaping” which literally means “the grooming of a man’s body hair.” By using different methods such as shaving, body-trimming, waxing and laser hair removal, we can achieve optimum effects. The result: a cleaner, fresher look and a more attractive body that will advantageously reveal all of your charms.

Manscaping is not a trend followed solely by few fashionable men. Increasingly, more men consider it as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and proper regular maintenance.

Manscaping is the art of enhancing a man’s assets