Builds, tone up and strengthens muscles 

Electrostimulation simply imitates the natural muscular contractions of the body.

Electrodes are placed at strategic locations, and micro-electrical impulses are sent to the motor points of the muscles to trigger contractions. 

The Slendertone technology… guaranteed results

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EMS: Electrical Muscle Stimulation

First, remember that the electro stimulator was originally designed by doctors for therapeutic purposes in hospitals.  The technology is in fact very simple. Usually created by the brain and transmitted by the nerves, the impulse is reproduced in the form of a small electrical current. Therefore, the induced contraction remains entirely natural since only the origin of the message is modified.

The fundamental principles of the muscle stimulation have been highlighted 200 years ago by Galvani who discovered that a shock of static electricity applied to an exposed nerve of a dead frog could cause its leg to contract. Since time, considerable progress marked the application of this technology and it was in 1965 that Bio-Medical Research Company of England started to distribute worldwide their first state of the art electro stimulator as we know it today.

We can adjust exactly the strength of the contraction with the stimulator and get as many as we wish (more than 1,000 in 45 minutes) without any help or assistance from the brain. A short rest period is granted to the muscles after each contraction, which ensures a quick elimination of toxins for a complete recovery… and no sore muscles!


Generating so many contractions will inevitably causes the muscle strengthening. Results will obviously vary depending on the muscle condition at the beginning of the treatments. The results obtained by the stimulator are favourably compared to those acquired by traditional means.

Firming up

The electro stimulator was, above all, designed to improve muscle tone (firming).  As expected, frequency and regularity of treatments are essentials to obtain good results. Two to three treatments a week for one to two months will be sufficient to achieve remarkable results.


Development of weak muscles will be easy to obtain. However, on strong muscles, we need to induce significant contractions to ensure the participation of all muscle fibres. Because there is no weight resistance, no one can expect to obtain an exaggerate hypertrophy of the muscle. If this is the goal, by combining the muscle stimulation training with traditional weightlifting will achieve spectacular results.


Let’s start by correcting a widespread mistake. Many people expect to lose weight. This is usually not the case. Remember that we burn very few calories during an electrostimulation treatment. The thinning effect is obtained by increasing the tension of loose muscles.  In case of overweight problems, one should therefore combine exercise with a balanced diet.

Physical condition

Thirty minutes of electrostimulation is the equivalent of two hours of intensive traditional training according to some studies. The strength, power and therefore the muscular endurance are increased much more rapidly than by traditional means. However, the cardiovascular condition is not improved since the treatments are carried out without any efforts. This gap will be easily filled by adding a low-impact aerobic exercise program. 


$30 : 1 electro (45 min)

$175 : 8 electros



Build muscles without effort is the Slendertone Mission


A large number of scientific and specialized publications are all unanimous in stating that this is a very good complement to traditional training. And it was in 1972 that it was recognized by the Olympic Committee and endorsed by the Canadian Association of Athletics.


In 95% of cases, the effectiveness is certain. Factors that may affect the performance are: a weak muscle condition, a sedentary life and excess weight. And for people suffering of glandular or water retention disorders or having an acute problem of obesity will not obtain good results.


Because electrical current used is extremely low does not guarantee that the method is totally safe.  In case of abuse, the user could experience some serious muscle aching, or even suffer of a muscular injury. A progressive exercise along with a meticulous follow-up will be required to avoid any pain or discomfort. Finally, there are some cases where the electrostimulation is to proscribe, such as pacemaker patients and people with neuromuscular or inflammatory diseases. But for anyone in good health, we could only see advantages.

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